Who are we

Welcome to Horns & Heels, a role-playing venue in the heart of Lavender Beds. Our founders, Kiki Sedori, a Miqo’te from Ul’dah, and Seijiro Taisen, an Au Ra from the Azim Steppe, established this place in October 2021, along with their hiatus-loving friend Ereshkigal Sama – who came up with the name for the venue!

Horns & Heels was created as a space for entertainment, companionship, and fun. We offer a variety of activities including escort services, drinks, live shows, gambling, and even cosplay and glam contests.

After a successful year, we took a brief hiatus for some rest and reflection.

In May of 2023, we reopened Horns & Heels. Many of our original staff returned, and we also welcomed some new members to our team.

Today, Horns & Heels remains a place for enjoyment and memorable experiences. We invite you to join us and be part of our ongoing story.


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