Horns & Heels Operations Overview / FAQ

H&H Operations is a roleplay service in FFXIV that provides immersive, dynamic scenarios centered around the criminal underworld. We provide both single-sided and dual-sided missions, allowing participants to play a variety of roles within these scenarios.

Current Status: Closed

Please note that due to limited time availability of the staff planning and running scenarios, we can only accept a limited number of applicants to run scenarios. If you’d like to sign up, please read this entire page, and then fill out the form at the bottom of the page to be added to the waitlist.

What kind of scenarios do you offer?

Our scenarios include the Protection Racket, Assassination/Protection, Kidnapping/Interrogation, and Rescue Mission. Each scenario is designed to provide a unique and engaging roleplay experience and allows participants to take on different roles. Details for each of these scenarios can be found at the bottom of this page!

I’m looking for a custom scenario to help fill out my character’s backstory. Is this something you can provide?

Absolutely! We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to engage in roleplay. If you have a specific scenario in mind that you’d like to play out, whether it’s related to your character’s backstory or something else entirely, we’d love to hear from you. Our team is happy to work with you to flesh out the details and make your vision a reality.

This could involve our actual characters from the Shadowhorn Syndicate, or NPC Ops alts for specific purposes. To discuss a custom scenario, please reach out to Seijiro. We’re excited to collaborate and bring your ideas to life!

Who are the Shadowhorn Syndicate?

The Shadowhorn Syndicate is a roleplaying, in-character criminal organization within our scenarios. The Syndicate plays a major role in many of our scenarios, either as the instigator or the target of the mission.

Who can participate in the scenarios?

Anyone can sign up to be a Contractor and take part in our scenarios. Contractors can play a variety of roles within the scenarios, depending on the needs of the specific mission.

Where do these scenarios take place?

H&H Operations, including the Shadowhorn Syndicate, maintains a compound in Ishgard, which comprises of three houses. Each house contains several rooms, which can serve various purposes, such as interrogation rooms, prisons, and general living areas. These locations can be utilized for different scenarios as deemed appropriate. (If you need to teleport here on an alt, we can certainly add you to a friends list to do so!)

However, the scenarios are not limited to our compound. They can occur anywhere in Eorzea that fits the needs of the scenario. This could be your personal house, a venue (with the owner’s consent), a public location, or even a dungeon in exploration mode. We’re flexible and willing to adapt to create the best possible roleplaying experience. Just ensure to discuss the location during the sign-up process to make sure it is suitable and approved.

The Horns & Heels venue in Lavender Beds could also be a suitable location for some of these scenarios!

What are NPC Ops?

NPC Ops are H&H Operations Staff members who play Non-Player Characters (NPCs) in our scenarios. These characters can be ‘disposable’, meaning there is a risk of them dying, adding a layer of realism and stakes to the scenarios.

Can I play as a member of the Shadowhorn Syndicate?

Shadowhorn Syndicate members are primarily played by H&H Operations staff. However, depending on the scenario, there may be opportunities for Contractors to play as members of the Syndicate.

How powerful are characters in these scenarios?

Participants should approach these scenarios as if they are at the power level of a normal FFXIV citizen, possibly someone with military experience. While spellcasting is allowed, it should not be more powerful than what a trained combatant could bring to the table. We do not play Warrior of Light levels of power – expect that a well-placed Machinist Pistol round to the head would end any character, and play accordingly. Any combat magic use should be telegraphed at a similar level to drawing a gun, or a sword. If you are looking for more of a power-fantasy experience, let us know, and maybe we can work something out!

In some scenarios, it may be necessary for the NPC Ops to play characters who are considerably stronger than average. This is to provide a genuine challenge for the participants and to maintain the integrity of the scenario. Remember, our main goal is to create an engaging and exciting roleplaying experience. However, we still expect participants to act with a sense of self-preservation and to remember the roleplaying strength guidelines.

What happens if my character dies in a scenario?

Death in the scenarios is up to the player, but we do ask that you roleplay each scenario as if your character has a sense of self-preservation. While we will never attempt to force anything on a character without consent, if a participant is roleplaying their character in a way that disregards self-preservation (since they know they’re immune to the consequences OOC), we may choose to end the scene. NPC Ops are always at risk of dying.

Can I change my role within a scenario?

Once you have signed up for a role within a scenario, you are expected to stick with that role for the duration of the scenario. However, you are free to sign up for a different role in future scenarios.

How long does a scenario last?

Our goal is to complete each scenario within one or two sessions, with one session being ideal—especially when multiple participants are involved due to potential scheduling complexities. The duration of a session can vary based on the specific scenario and the actions of the participants, but we aim to create a satisfying and complete roleplay experience within this timeframe.

Please note that our staff members have varying degrees of availability, but our general operating hours for NPC Ops and Shadowhorn align with evenings in the US Eastern Timezone. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility when scheduling sessions.

What is your policy on Erotic Roleplay (ERP)?

While Erotic Roleplay is NOT a part of this service and you should not expect NPC Ops to engage in it, we do expect all roleplay to be dynamic and respectful, with all parties giving and receiving consent. If a scenario naturally progresses in that direction and all parties involved are consenting, it is allowed.

Additionally, on request, there may be specific scenarios that involve ERP, if they relate to a criminal organization event. This could be part of one of the predefined scenarios, or a custom one. Please reach out to Seijiro directly for more information about potentially setting up one of these scenarios.


  • NPC Ops: H&H Operations Staff playing an NPC
  • Shadowhorn: Shadowhorn Syndicate members, mostly played by H&H Ops staff with their mains/alts
  • Contractors: People who’ve signed up to take part in a scenario
  • Shadowhorn could potentially fill in for NPC Ops where it makes sense.

Protection Racket

In this scenario, participants take on the role of enforcers for the Shadowhorn Syndicate, tasked with ensuring that local businesses pay their dues for protection. This scenario could involve interactions with other real roleplaying venues who have consented to be part of the story. Participants will need to use their negotiation skills, and possibly a bit of intimidation, to successfully complete the job.


  • Consenting venue owners/staff
  • Contractors filling the role of “Enforcer”


Participants could be assigned to either assassinate a target or protect them from would-be assassins. The target could be a killable NPC played by H&H Operations staff, or another player character who has agreed to the scenario. Participants will need to plan their actions carefully, whether they are trying to get close to the target without raising suspicion, or identify and neutralize threats.


  • Target (Played by a Contractor who’d want to survive an attempt, or by NPC Ops)
  • Assassins (Played by Contractors, or by H&H Operations staff if the target is a Contractor)
  • Guards (Played by Contracts or NPC Ops)


In this scenario, participants are tasked with kidnapping a target and extracting information from them. The target could be a NPC played by H&H Operations staff, or a player character who has agreed to the scenario. This scenario could also involve a rescue mission, with other participants playing the role of rescuers.


  • Victim (Played by a Contractor, or by NPC Ops)
  • Kidnappers (Played by Contractors, or by H&H Operations staff if the target is a Contractor)
  • Rescuers (Played by Contractors)

Rescue Mission

Participants in this scenario are tasked with rescuing a captive from a dangerous situation. This is a separate scenario from the Kidnapping/Interrogation, and will usually involve somebody who’s already captured (for some other reason – ie. in prison, or something). It can also be a rescue from a perilous situation, such as trapped somewhere (could use dungeons explore mode for that).


  • Captive (Played by a Contractor, or by NPC Ops)
  • Guards, if appropriate (Played by Contractors, or by H&H Operations staff if the target is a Contractor)
  • Rescuers (Played by Contractors)