Alice is a shy, soft-spoken girl who had a quiet and peaceful upbringing in the Twelveswood of Gridania. Too quiet, too peaceful, for the adventurous spirit that she has.

In pursuit of curiosity and a desire to build a better connection with her fellow adventurers, Alice discovered the nightclub scene that so many frequent. Despite her shy nature, Alice believes that as an escort, she can entertain a nightclub's guests and provide them a wonderful experience that they'd crave to return for again and again.

Alice's involvement in conversation is fairly limited. So in place of expression with words, she prefers instead to express feelings with her body. It's a soft, exhibitionist style that revolves around lingerie play and flashing, with a seductive, sexy dance, that gradually gets more wild and intense over time!

Like a voyeur's dream come true, Alice is almost always seen wearing a short dress or miniskirt of some kind, and is more than happy to flash with sexy glimpses underneath for their pleasure. This is merely where the lingerie teasing begins... To find out more, see Alice at the venue, and enjoy the view!
Likes: Exhibitionism/Upskirt/Lingerie Flashing & Play
Limits: Non-Consent/Over-aggressiveness/Forced or harmful acts
NSFW Services: 400k / 30 mins
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