Fancy a drink, or two? Perhaps you might need drinks for the entire night. In any case, you'd be in good hands with Benimaru, or Beni as most call him. Smooth to a fault, Beni's charm can open up even the most guarded of hearts while he expertly fills glasses and fuels revelry. A very open and easygoing Au Ra, with more stories than he knows what to do with, there's rarely a dull night to be had in his company.

Most see his innocent antics and lust for battle as all that he enjoys, little do they know of his clandestine playboy nature; shrouded behind a debonair mask, leaving admirers and lovers alike bewitched and beaming in his wake.
Bisexual (Fem Lean)/Male/Switch
Likes: Bondage/Biting/Marking/Cuddling/Teasing
Limits: Gore/Scat/Watersports/NSFW Lalas (Sorry!)
SFW Services: 150k / 30 mins
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