Chloe, a lively 25-year-old Auri who grew up as an orphan in Limsa. Her outgoing nature makes her enthusiastic about connecting with new individuals and embracing fresh experiences. With four years of experience as a courtesan, Chloe has honed her skills in various establishments, and and is always looking forward to meeting her next client soon.

Intimate services are exclusively available to those who I'm already comfortable with. Engaging in conversations or spending quality time together through a SFW service can help us discover if we have a compatible connection!
Bisexual (Male Lean)/Female/Sub
Likes: Cuddling/Companionship/BDSM/Forced Orgasms/Breeding
Limits: Ageplay/Scat/Necrophilia/Gore/Lalafels
SFW Services: 150k / 30 mins
NSFW Services: 300k / 30 mins
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