Corveous Aus'lan, a Highlander hunk of epic proportions, is a masterwork of rippling muscles and unbridled masculinity. Boasting a fat, legendary cock capable of inspiring envy among mere mortals, he reigns supreme in the carnal domain.

Predominantly a connoisseur of exquisite femmes, Corveous occasionally succumbs to the irresistible allure of an exceptional lad ─ but only if he reigns as the dominant, unstoppable force on top. His unabashedly virile presence is a testament to his irresistible, manly appeal.
Bisexual (Fem Lean)/Male/Dom
Likes: Open Minded
Limits: Scat/Watersports/Ageplay/Necrophilia/Diapers
SFW Services: 300k / 30 mins
NSFW Services: 400k / 30 mins
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