A former monk that has taken many roles in her life-- Gladiator, Mercenary, Bodyguard, Monk-- All of which has caused her to have a unique appreciation for life. These days, she takes to a personal pilgrimage of wandering the world to learn more about others and what they do- and has taken to being a courtesan in doing so. It offers amazing perspective to the world, and many outlooks to look after. Be it companionship in simply speaking, or in the bedroom, she's eager and excited to learn more about other's lives.

That said, this has also lead to her to enjoy heavier kinks in her studies with others. She's explored enough with how durable she is from her heritage and life that she's taken to enjoying things rough with people, and enjoys it on the darker and kinkier side accordingly-- to the point that she's been corrupted at least a bit by more... void touched and blood loving patrons.

((OOC'ly been in the kink scene for a decade, and have the experience with it to write such scenes accordingly))
Pansexual/Female/Futa Optional/Sub/Switch
Likes: Rough Sex/Biting/Bondage/Edge Play/Aftercare
Limits: Anything Hyper or Bathroom
SFW Services: 150k / 30 mins
NSFW Services: 400k / 30 mins
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