Kiki can usually be found hanging out on the bar next to Seijiro and watching him (or one of our other lovely bartenders) tend bar while she does the even harder job of looking cute~! She is a proper house cat and enjoys lounging around and getting pets, but will happily tend to the needs of patrons when called upon. She loves to meet new people and chat, though sometimes her flirtatious personality will get her into trouble.

She will sometimes be available for NSFW services, but not always - given her other responsibilities. When available, she will be able to serve F and F+ clients.
Likes: BDSM/Rough Sex/Passionate Sex/Breathplay/Spanking/Biting/Praise/Dirty Talk/Being Bred
Limits: Scat/Gore/Vore
NSFW Services: 500k / 30 mins
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