Lilly had always been kind and caring, even as a child in the forests surrounding Gridania where she spent her early years with her parents and younger brother. Unfortunately, those happy times of her childhood did not last long. One day on a routine exploration mission her parents went missing. Together with her brother, they waited but days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months and eventually the search teams stopped going out. She was forced to grow up earlier than most kids as she looked after her little brother. She had to keep their family together and provide for them. She had to become an adult and make tough decisions no child should have to make.

Eventually, as the years went by she and her brother settled in Ishgard. She had taken up baking and floristry to keep her sister fed. Slowly a passion for both started to bud within her as she loved seeing her sister's smiling face whenever she baked fresh sweets for her. She soon gained enough skill to start selling her baked goods and flower arrangements at the local market.
Bisexual (Fem Lean)/Female (Trans MtF)/Sub
Likes: Degradation/Humiliation/Crotch Sniffing/Sweat/Foot Play
Limits: Drugs/Choking/Blood Play/Bad Ends
SFW Services: 150k / 30 mins
NSFW Services: 300k / 30 mins
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