Monte Vidio, a fiery and spirited redhead tomboy Miqo'te who effortlessly combines fun, sociability, and a touch of flirtatious charm. With her vibrant red locks, mischievous blue eyes, and an energetic aura, she stands out in any crowd.

With a friendly and outgoing personality, Monte is a natural social butterfly. She possesses the innate ability to strike up conversations effortlessly and make people feel at ease in her presence. Her infectious laughter and warm smile create an inviting atmosphere, drawing others to her like moths to a flame. She relishes in meeting new people and forming connections, valuing the diverse perspectives and stories they bring to the table.
Bisexual (Fem Lean)
Likes: Chit chatting/Friendly banter
Limits: No butt stuff
SFW Services: 300k / 30 mins
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