"Even the best treasure hunters need a side job."

Having left the forest at a young age, Ookami quickly turned her passion for exploring into a way to live, searching the furthest reaches of Eorzea to, acquire, object of value for interested parties. However, information is not cheap, and buyers can be hard to find. So they spend most of their days waiting, enjoying the local night life, or selling their affections. Returning to the forest was never an option for them, and besides, all those lonely nights on the road have to be made up for.

[8:43 PM]Ookami: Please do not update my profile. Am I doing this right?
Pansexual (Fem Lean)/Non-binary (F+)/Switch
Likes: Affection/Breeding/Teasing/BDSM
Limits: Blood/Scat/Self harm/Ageplay
SFW Services: 200k / 30 mins
NSFW Services: 400k / 30 mins
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