A small Au Ra hailing from the city of Kuagane, Rinn has an ourwardly shy demeanor and often isn't the first to strike up conversation. However, once you get to know each other her more fiesty side comes out to play; that's when the real fun begins. Originally an adventurer by trade, she found her way to the venue scene one night by accident. Now she enjoys spending her nights off checking out new clubs with her friends, meeting new people, and perfecting her photography skills.

If you're looking for a good listener and chatting companion for the evening, Rinn's available to give you her undivided attention! From casual chat about your day to more deep conversations, this little Au Ra is here for whatever you need to talk about.
Likes: Light BDSM/Breeding/Rough Sex/Praise/Masculinity/Marking/Teasing/Cuddles
Limits: Vore/Gore/Bathroom Play/Fluids/Lalas/Hrothgar
SFW Services: 300k / 30 mins
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