Seed Drinker, a voluptuous Viera enchantress, radiates warmth and generosity, captivating the hearts of anyone graced by her presence. Behind her warmth and generosity, though, is a darker, more risk taking personality. She’s as quick witted as they come, ready to bounce jokes and insults back and forth. Her motivation for everything is her addiction to all things risky, especially when it involves gil. Outside of Horns and Heels, you’ll likely find her betting (mostly losing) all her gil at the blackjack table. She finds the thrill of losing everything the most exciting thing in Eorzea.

Revel in the company of this siren and let her bewitch you with her irresistible charm and exquisite curves, just make sure to check your pocket book before you leave.
Likes: Teasing/Edging/Praising
Limits: Gore/Vore/Scat
SFW Services: 250k / 30 mins
NSFW Services: 500k / 30 mins
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