She's a self-exile from the Veena homelands of the Skatay Range. Syenna's passions have taken her from one end of the world to the other. She is a dreamer and romantic with an insatiable desire for connection with others in all the many forms it takes. Those who spend time with her will find her to be an attentive and invested listener eager to learn all that she can about others, and share what she can about herself in return. She's an enthusiastic conversationalist and devoted sensualist with an upbeat positivity about sexuality.

Proudly bisexual and ethically nonmonogamous, she is an advocate for all manner of non-normative approaches to love and life. Many find her love to be something easily gained but hard lost. She values openness and honesty perhaps above all else and is capable of fulfilling many roles with many people while still being entirely and sincerely herself.

(Highly immersive role play offered that does not tend to follow common RP/ERP distinctions and prefers when sexual and non-sexual RP are both filled with engaging character interactions set in a rich context, with sexual elements playing an important role in character stories, and the character stories playing an important role in character sexuality. Happy to offer services to help newer RPers with any areas they wish for assistance with!)
Bisexual/Female/Optional F+/Switch
Likes: Conversations|Emotions|Passion-Driven Play|Oral|Anal|Affectionate Dom/Sub
Limits: Non/Dub-Consent|Disproportional Size Play|Sadism|Masochism|Degradation|Humiliation
SFW Services: 400k / 30 mins
NSFW Services: 400k / 30 mins
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